Property tax relief may be available for some Californians. The CA State Controller has announced
applications are now available for the CA Property Tax Postponement program (previously suspended).
The program allows eligible homeowners who are seniors or blind, or have a disability, to postpone
property taxes on their primary residences. Funding is limited and applications will be processed in the
order received, beginning 10/1/18. Participants must reapply and show eligibility each year.
The postponement is a deferment of current-year property taxes that will need to be repaid eventually.
The repayment is secured by a lien against the property. The lien will remain in effect until the account is
paid in full. A one-time recording fee will be added to your account to release the lien once the account is
paid in full.

Postponed property taxes and interest will become immediately due and payable when you do any of the

  • Move from the property
  • Sell or convey title of the property
  • Die and do not have a spouse, or other qualified individual who will continue to reside at the
  • Allow future property taxes or other senior liens to become delinquent
  • Refinance or obtain a reverse mortgage for the property

No repayment is required until one of the above events takes place. Funding is limited and distributed on
a first-come, first served basis. All who qualify may not be approved due to funding limitations.
If you have questions about the postponement program or would like to know if you meet the eligibility
requirements, we would be happy to go over the specific of the program and eligibility requirements with